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Pawns are quick, easy, and inexpensive. There is no credit check and won't affect your credit score!

The Pawn Breakdown

Most people probably have a thought, or maybe an idea of how the pawn process works; But many of these ideas of how pawn shops operate, and what they have to offer, are pretty inaccurate.

Pawn broking is an affordable form of consumer credit which offers quick and convenient collateral-based loans without the dreaded credit or financial background checks. Simply put - when you pawn an item, you are trading a piece of personal property for a short-term cash loan - no strings attached. We will securely store your item until you come back and repay the loan. If you do not finish paying off your loan before the end of the loan period, the shop will keep your item and you no longer have to make any loan payments.  

Contrary to common belief, pawn businesses are not the dark and criminal-run operations people make them out to be. Pawn brokers have no intention or desire to work with criminals, or take in stolen goods. Our reputation for customer care is very important to us. Our store is well-maintained and works closely with law enforcement to ensure that the items we take in are legal and not stolen.

Pawn loans are one of the quickest and easiest ways to receive money!


What You Need / Requirements:

All that is necessary to pawn an item of value is a valid Driver's License or State ID. You must be at least 18 years old to pawn or sell and item to the store. 


The Process:

1. Bring in an item of verified value that you would like to get a loan on.

2. We process the pawn for the value that the pawnbroker and the customer agree on.

3. Get CASH for a loan period of 30 days.


Redemptions / Extensions:

You may redeem your item/s as early as 2 days after the pawn date. To redeem an item, you pay the Amount Financed, plus the Finance Charge that has incurred over that period. If you need some extra time before you are financially able to pick your item up, you can always extend your loan for another 30 days by paying the Finance Charge for that period. If you are late on picking your item/s up, or making payments on them, there will be late charges.


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